Role Organogram:

Tools & Technologies:
TMI has over the years invested in commercial, open-source and inhouse developed software applications to efficiently and effectively apply appropriate modeling and simulation solutions for product development. To ensure TMI provides a complete solution the company has also invested in hardware required for the monitoring and control of systems during the test and evaluation phase.

Information Systems & Information Technology:
The IT environment comprises of three operating systems (Linux, Sun, Windows) interacting seamlessly to ensure the best possible computational environment is at the disposal of our engineers. The data and information stored and communicated within the company is done so using three dedicated networks, namely, blue: public nonsensitive information, yellow: company confidential information, red: secret information. Users of the network are given restricted privileges and classified information is only shared on a need to know basis.

TMI’s building infrastructure has a high level of security comprising independent biometrics and access card systems to monitor and control personnel and visitors. The office environment has the facilities to undertake secret work ensuring the clients information is protected and safe guarded continuously.